The woven heart basket is one of the most classic Danish Christmas ornaments. They say the famous fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen made the first one around 1860 and it’s been a beloved Christmas Craft for children and adults ever since.

But I thought it was time for a little update, so I made a book of templates for all kinds of Christmas ornaments to weave – not just hearts.

I would love to show you how to weave a heart basket as we do it in Denmark.

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You need:

A template – download the mouse template here.

Paper – glossy paper, wrapping paper, design paper, pages from books and magazines, etc. The paper should not be too heavy, as it will be difficult to bend and weave. If the paper is too lightweight, the ornament will be fragile and easily torn, but you can glue two pieces together or apply fusible interfacing to the back. Glue/apply before cutting.

Glue / glue stick
Stapler / tape / pins
String/ribbon for hanging – optional
Craft supplies for decoration, if you like


Cut your papers

Print the template.

Cut the template along the dashed line. Cut roughly a bit outside the rest of the outline.

You need two pieces of paper for weaving, preferably in two different colours or patterns.

Place the two pieces on top of each other so you can cut both pieces together. Fold them and place the dashed edge of the template up to the fold. Secure the template with staples, pins or tape. This makes it easier to cut the pieces without the paper shifting around.

Cut the incisions (the grey strokes) first and then the black outline.


Weave your ornament

For simplicity, the photos show weaving of a heart, but the same method goes for mice, angels etc.

“Have you ever tried to weave a snowman?
How about an angel or a reindeer?

The book “Scandinavian Woven Christmas Ornaments” has lots of templates and inspiration for woven ornaments inspired by the classic Scandinavian Woven Christmas heart baskets, but in brand new shapes and with ample opportunity to add a touch of your style and personality.

The models are made so beginners can join as well. There are detailed step-by-step instructions for the weaving techniques.

All you need is paper, scissors, glue and Christmas spirit.


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