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When you find yourself in a life transition (often caused by a newly recognized or a sudden loss of youth, social status, job, health or unfulfilled dreams) it is only natural that you begin to question if you really are where you want to be in life.

It is easy to feel that you are stuck in a wasteland if you find that you are far from where you want to be or don’t even know where that is.

Fortunately, there are ways out. My way is all about rediscovering you and reigniting your creativity. It does take curiosity, a bit of courage and a good sense of adventure to set out on a journey like this. It is not a quick fix, but an ongoing practice that will bring lasting joy and meaning to the rest of your life.

I am Charlotte Engel, and my journey has taught me so much. I now know what kind of life I want. I’ve learned to express myself through art. I’m more grateful and joyful than ever before. Just to mention some of it.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

I would love to be your travel companion part of the way. I have found so many beautiful places we can explore together.

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