I love this quote:

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”

― Mary Lou Cook

It’s such a great reminder of what been creative is all about. Some times  I forget and get all caught up in the end result…

Maybe you need a little reminder too? Writing your favorite quote on a post-it note is fine, but if you are a little messy (like me), they tend to disappear in the mountains of stuff on the desktop. A stone is a little harder to misplace, and a lot more decorative. Without further ado; let’s create!


You need:

  • a stone, a nice round one with a smooth surface is the easiest to write on
  • a print of you chosen quote (or feel free to use mine – link below)
  • tracing paper
  • pencil
  • tape
  • paint markers (I use Posca pens)

Step 1: Print out the quote.

Cut out and tape it to the stone.

Insert tracing paper.

Step 2: Start tracing the text.

If your tracing paper behaves like mine, you’ll need to go right to step 3 before the text on the stone disappears like fairy dust. Now is not the time for a coffee break! quote_on_stone_carbonpaper_hand


Step 3: Trace the text with your paint marker.quote_on_stone_hand


Leave it like this, or…



Step 4: Bring out the colors and have fun!quote_on_stone_posca


You may want to give it a coat or 2 of varnish if the stone goes outside or if you want a glossy finish.  quote_on_stone_color

Download PDF: Quote_spiral_MaryLouCook

If you want to make your own spiral quote in Adobe Illustrator, download an .ai or .eps file here.


^ Charlotte