Christmas cards: Finding inspiration

Since I opened my Etsy shop, I’ve been planning to make a set of Christmas cards. You just have to, when you’re a Christmas lover, like I am. But alas, the inspiration was far far away because I wanted to create something in my own style, something a little bit different from what you’re used to, but still very Christmassy. What to do?

I did do some sketches, but didn’t like them. I looked at all kinds of Christmas stuff on Pinterest to get an idea of what makes something look like Christmas – is it the color combinations or the motifs? I certainly didn’t feel like doing Santa’s in red or green Christmas trees.

I’ve always loved the graphic styles from the 50-70s, so I started a board of Christmas stuff from that time. And – hooray – christmas was in all colors back then; pink, orange, teal, brown, purple etc.

At the same time I did this grey and neon colored quote and I had a painted paper laying around, waiting for a quote. But then I saw a fox appearing from the marks. I started tracing it and more animals and trees came through. I filled the gaps with grey, outlined and doodled a little more. It was a lot of fun!


The last doodles I did, was the snowflakes and there it was – my new Christmas style, yeah!


Next step was painting a series of painted papers, making marks and finding the hidden Christmas motifs in them.


Out of the 10 paintings I chose the 4 I liked the best. They were scanned so I could do the finishing touches on my computer to get the ready for print.


Off to the printer they went and this is the final result, that quickly found their way to my Etsy shop.


Merry Christmas!




See me, hear me, feel me, know me

See me, hear me, feel me, know me

– the story behind the painting


This is one of my most expressive painting so far. It was inspired by a mini class by Mitsi B, called “Expressing the true you”. The prombt was to paint your feelings.

Before I painted I listed to the TEDtalk by Brené Brown below, about “The power of vulnerabilty” and that sure tricked something inside me. I found all of my fluorescent colours and painted quickly. It felt so good!

This turned out to be one of my most “raw” and chaotic pieces but strangely also one of those I connect with the most. It’s an expression of my own pains, fears and longings to be truely seen, heard, felt and known. It surpriced me that it turned out to be so sad, but apparently something needed to be let out.

Art surely heals!

^ Charlotte