Keep it SIMPLE & make it YOURS

You know it well – the joyful feeling of immersing yourself in a creative project and the satisfaction when you complete the work. The only thing left is to decide which room to decorate or enjoy the happiness of the special someone you have made it for.

(Also – if you are a little like me, you know that the time you spend on arts and crafts is vital for your soul and the well-being of those around you 😉)

But on a busy day, it can be challenging to find the time, the supplies and the energy to let the creativity burst. If you are the type that needs a little more than “paint-by-numbers” to spark your creative soul, the alternative may be that you do not get your craft on at all.

I’d like to show you another way. With simple patterns and a few inexpensive materials, you get a starting point to effortlessly crafting without sacrificing your creative freedom. Most of my patterns will encourage you to apply your own touch and thus make the product uniquely yours.

I created my first line of patterns because I myself needed crafts that were easy to fit into a busy everyday life and did not require a lot of expensive materials, studio space, time away from the family and subsequent cleaning. I’m not giving up on all of that, but most days I just need a simple craft I can do with my kids or even while watching TV with my husband …and drink coffee (or whatever beverage the day calls for).


I’m Charlotte

Creating is my sanctuary, my playground, and my stress relief.

I have always been a maker. Over the years I have played with a lot of materials and techniques, some only for a brief moment, while others keep coming back into my life over and over again. 

I’ve always loved a good story and do watch and read my share of crime stories, animated movies and funny romances. Fairytales and fantasy holds a special place in my heart. Because they have it all: magic and beauty, good versus evil, hardship and happy endings. The characters and themes from these stories often finds a way to my creative outlets.