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Yes! You can have these lovely printables off my original artworks. You’ll also get mails from me from time to time with new freebies, special offers and updates from the studio. Only good stuff, no spam – I promise! Would you like that?
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Step by step – 100 artworks part 3

I strongly believe in inspiration. I wouldn’t be where I am artisticly or personally if I hadn’t had access to inspiration. For this piece I (almost) followed the steps in this video series from Laura Lein-Svencner. Well, up to a point. Then my own process...

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100 artworks part 2

So I decided to work with mixed media in my 100 artworks challenge. A few years back I learned how to paint intuitive and embrace building layers as a way to building the story and depth in my paintings (Thank you Flora Bowley). Since then I haven’t felt “the...

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New starts – 100 artworks challenge

I have decided to commit myself to a long-term project this year. To dive deeper into and develop my style and to share my process and thoughts about what is going on both creatively and personally when I am creating this way. I’m thinking a lot about how, what...

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